The Manly Lodge – Manly’s Green Star Accommodation

If there is one hotel that the Australian government should send a Green star Hotel accreditation as a Christmas gift, it is the Manly lodge accommodation near the Manly Wharf in Sydney. Being the first accommodation establishment in Sydney to declare itself a 100% smoke free zone, the Manly is undoubtedly one of the most progressive self contained apartments manly has.

self contained apartments manly

Booking for a stay at the Manly lodge accommodation is like supporting a conscientious business driving a go-green initiative. The reason is that it has aspects expected of a green hotel or accommodation such as: the use of biodegradable products, the food they prepare is made from Australian products which are fresh and of high quality, they use highly efficient, minimal chemical, on demand commercial ozone laundry and for their community service contribution they planted 300 trees for wildlife habitats in 2009.

Travellers both budget conscious or not will undoubtedly find the Manly accommodation a superb choice where they can savor the Australian suburban beach experience. It is the perfect getaway from the city life in Sydney and if not too sure about its proximity, it is just a 30 minutes fun ride by ferry to Sydney’s City Center. On arrival at shore one can immediately get access to various means of transportation to any point they would like at Sydney.

As a guest at self contained apartments manly you will be amazed beyond belief at how fantastic the scenic view of Sydney harbor is. There are many Kodak moments where you can catch photos – one of the spectacular ones being the historic opera house and Harbor Bridge especially at sunset. You can also get to visit other key tourist attractions such as the national park headland that looks over the Pacific Ocean. The attractions are of such a wide range you just have to discover for yourself and enjoy.

From the fun day activities of surfing, diving, sightseeing or swimming away with the sharks, guests can expect to rest in tranquility at the top of the range accommodation that the Manly lodge offers.

Rooms and Amenities

If you are not budget constrained, then the deluxe rooms are a superb choice. A booking here will offer you the advantage of space (a third larger than standard rooms), a queen sized bed with a sofa and leisure spa in the bathroom. The deluxe rooms are also fitted with ceiling fans and a/c, cable television, free WIFI and a telephone.

On the other hand, if you are on a budget trip, expect a smaller room but still a suitable accommodation with all the amenities of the deluxe rooms except for the queen size bed. Instead you can expect single or double beds.

Families can stay at the self contained apartments manly – which comprise of two one bedroom family suites with a double or single bed in the bedroom and double bed in the living room. Families can also expect a state of the art fully-equipped kitchen, a 40 inch flat panel High Definition TV and a spacious bathroom with six spas. The other self contained apartment manly has similar amenities except for a kitchenette instead of a full kitchen.

The Four-day hike to Machu Picchu Ruins

Amongst the most famous yet most elusive places on earth, Machu Picchu doesn’t only attract tourists for its amazing sights, but also the mystery of the place. It gained international notoriety in 1911 when famous historian Hiram Bingham came across the site. Though at that time it was completely new to the western civilization, it was very much known to the locals and nearby areas. Known also as the lost city of Inca, Machu Picchu is now among the most alluring sights of the world. If you are planning to have a machu picchu travel experience, it sure is going to be fun, adventurous and thrilling.

Located in the Cusco Region of the Machupicchu District in Peru, the prime location to visit is the Machu Picchu. This is why the Inca trail hike is one of the most attractive features of the visit. Inca Trail hike has become one of the most amazing outdoor experiences with its 43 km hike. You can take part in numerous hiking tours that are going towards Machu Picchu but remember that there are many that want to follow the trail being the top attraction. This means that you should be prepared to be turned down. However, lately, numerous other routes have been found and are being used to help make your Machu Picchu travel memorable.

The hike

First thing that you should know is that hiking to Machu Picchu takes about four days. Most tours follow this schedule as it allows tourists to enjoy the amazing locations and sights that come before you get to the final destination.

First day:

Your first day of hiking is considerably easy compared to what comes next. Most tours are going to take you on an 11 km hike. In between you will come across ruins that are worth staying for an hour or two. The first ruins that you will encounter are known as Patallaqta which translates to “the town on a hillside”. You should know that the Bingham first camped here as well before ascending to the final ruins of Machu Picchu. Your tour guide, who will also give you all the Machu Picchu information you need to know, will end your first day at Wayllamba, which is the only village on the hiking trail that is inhabited. You will be staying for the night at this cozy village.

Second day:

Now comes the challenging (yet fulfilling) part. The second day will include around 10 km of hike that will become steeper with 1200 meters of elevation. Though you are going to get strenuous muscle aches, the sights and the splendor visible from this part of the hike are worth it all. Remember to conserve your camera’s battery till Warmiwanusca where you will see some of the best sights of the hike. This part of the hike is also known as Dead Woman’s Pass as it resembles a woman’s torso and head from afar. You will be making camp at Pacaymayu. Do congratulate yourself for covering the most trickiest and strenuous part of the famous Inca Trail.

Third day:

On the third day of your hiking you will be descending. There are going be incredible forest scenery for you to enjoy. You will also come across the storage area of the Inca civilization which is known as Runkuragay.  Another sight that you will pass by when taking a hike towards Machu Picchu is Sayacmarca, which many historians believe was the place where priests used to rest before heading towards Machu Picchu. Do spend some time at Puyupatamarca. This is an ancient site which has been recently restored. It includes baths that were used in different ceremonies. You will also see the silhouette of the Machu Picchu from here as you are nearing your destination.

Fourth day:

Your last day of hiking and reaching the alluring lost city of Machu Picchu. Your tour guide will wake up the party before dawn so that you can spend as much time as you can on the ruins.

It is imperative that you visit Machu Picchu if you are planning your vacations in South America. One of the most mysterious and amazing sights that you can see in your life is on top of mountain in Peru, that will make your Machu Picchu travel expedition worth all the soreness of muscles that you will get to reach it.

Enjoy Luxury and Comfort in Silom at the Aetas Lumpini Hotel

Bangkok is fast turning into a business hub and many businessmen visit the place for conferences and meetings. It is thus essential to have a professional service provider for these frequent travelers. There are many hotels, especially business hotels coming up in this region to cater to the constant flow of visitors. Major business activity in Bangkok is centered in Silom and Sathorn region. Of the many Silom hotels relatively close to Lumpini, Aetas Lumpini Business Hotel is fast gaining popularity.

The allure of the Silom hotels relatively close to Lumpini

This is an international class business hotel and provides all the facilities for a smooth business communication as well as relaxation between works. One can say that a visit to Aetas Lumpini is like mixing work with pleasure and rightfully so, because the various facilities provided by the hotel makes the stay a memorable experience.

Aetas Lumpini is located on the east of Sathorn business district and is barely 500 meters away from Rama VI expressway that leads to the airport. The hotel is conveniently situated in the city centre and has easy access to MRT subway station and BTS Skytrain. It has 203 tastefully decorated rooms and facilities that exude Thai hospitality.

There are restaurants and bars where you can relax and enjoy authentic Thai food. The Hourglass Restaurant, which is open from 6.00-22.30 hrs, displays a perfect blend of East and West in its artistic design and décor. One can just spend peaceful hours here tasting new menus and exploring fusion as well as authentic cuisine and scrumptious desserts. The GMT lounge opens up from 9.00 to 24.00 hrs. You can enjoy a drink while admiring the panoramic view of Bangkok, especially “The Lumpini Park”.

Last but not the least, the Splash Pool Bar on the ninth floor offers recreation and relaxation at its best. To begin with, its location on the top floor is a bonus itself, as you can stretch along on loungers and admire the city. It is an ideal place for sunbathing and there are two Jacuzzis with water jets that help you relax instantaneously. Showers are available too and you can order drink and food from nearby GMT lounge after a swim in the pool.

The other facilities offered by the hotel are an Executive Club Floor on the 28th floor where you are offered personalized services like privately served breakfast, internet facility, complimentary coffee, tea and soft drinks throughout the day, etc. There is a fitness centre too next to the Splash bar on the ninth floor, where you can work out on latest equipment like treadmills, exercising bikes, etc. After a strenuous workout, one can take a relaxing dip in the adjacent pool.

Aetas Lumpini has many categories of rooms to offer, according to your budget. The types of rooms available are Deluxe rooms and different suites like Junior, Deluxe, Premiere, Executive and Presidential. Each room is tastefully decorated and provided with amenities like air conditioners, deluxe business stationary, daily housekeeping services, high thread count bed sheets and extra pillows.

The rooms are available from approximately 2753 THB or $84 per night. The next time you visit Bangkok on a business trip, choose this ideal location of Aetas Lumpini Business Hotel. So next time you are looking for Silom hotels relatively close to Lumpini, consider staying at the Aetas Lumpini hotel for the best experience.

5 Perks That Make Volunteering Abroad an Unforgettable Gap Year Experience

Many returning volunteers from outside the country always describe being an international volunteer as a mind-opening encounter they ever had. If the perks they enumerated were to be summed up in a few words, it would be “an experience that opens your way to a universe of new conceivable outcomes”.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that volunteering is regularly observed as a program that will profit the nation of origin wherein the volunteering services are given to, would-be international volunteers will likewise receive many rewards, for example, medical internships from only the best volunteer abroad programs.

They got to awe at new cities and rarely explored pretty towns. In the event that you share in programs for international volunteers, such as those in Fiji, the primary thing that strikes a chord is the chance to set out in Fiji’s neighbouring cities and the quiet, pretty towns. In the event that you want to travel, it is certainly a beneficial ordeal to have because you’re hitting two birds with a single stone. You can visit another place and experience new things. It is additionally an awesome chance to blend with local people in that nation. The best part is that you are not constrained to places that are run by visitors yet visit the ones which only a few get the chance to explore.

Their unhealthy routines were broken. Regardless of whether you need a beneficial excursion, something to purge your boredom on your gap year, or an intern who’s tired of the basic, routine-centred internship programs and thirsty for more experience, you can volunteer abroad to switch up your general schedule. Volunteer programs work lasting through the year so you must have the capacity to discover a program to join in at break your monotonous schedules. Click here Involvement Volunteers International

They gained small but significant and meaningful experiences. There are many people on the planet who require help – through money related or benefits. If you’re especially the philanthropic type and if you constantly think about others and making an impact in their lives, to volunteer abroad is an affordable but productive approach to materialise that urge of yours. Indeed, even your little exertion can have an immense effect in the general reason that you are attempting to help.

They gained new skills, revived suppressed abilities, or discovered a hidden talent. As specified above, the locals are not the only ones who can profit from your endeavours in being an international volunteer. You will also be allowed to feature your abilities and create it. Also, in doing as such, you may even obtain new abilities, for example, enhancing your social, correspondence and relational aptitudes. What’s even better is that you may revive your suppressed abilities you had when you were younger or discover a hidden talent of yours. These are the possibilities that make an international volunteer program worthy of your time, money, and effort. For a more specific example, if you are the sort of volunteer orphanage kids require, then you’re most likely great with teaching which you can apply in any profession you take in College.

They learned about new or rarely explained cultures in media or academe.  The possibility of venturing out to another nation is continually energizing and intellectually stimulating. The vast majority are amped up for seeing another place and investigating new attractions. In any case, the immersive experience that volunteering brings, that includes informative facts about places, people, animals, plants, and so on, can please you if you’re intellectually driven. Moreover, for a specific timeframe, you get the opportunity to live like local people do, which enhances your ability to empathise and see life from other peoples’ eyes.

Planning to Visit Nelson Bay This Holiday Season? Here are Some Must-Try Activities

You cannot find a place better suited for aquatic activities and a wide range of affordable accommodation and dining choices than in Nelson Bay. As the main town for Port Stephens, Nelson Bay is famous as a blue water paradise, thanks to its sparkling white beaches. It is also a famous holiday destination ideal for adventurous groups or families who want to enjoy carefree activities along the beach. You can easily find affordable Nelson Bay accommodation for you and your family when you plan to stay for the holiday. Other than lounging on its pearly white sands and swimming in its sparkling waters, you can also enjoy other water activities to suit your preferences. You can choose between Dutchmans Beach and Little Beach for your aquatic pursuits. You can try diving off the coast at Broughton Island where you can enjoy what divers termed as the “Looking Glass”. It is actually just a split that goes through the centre of the island, swarmed with marine life. Click here Holidays Port Stephens Why You Should Visit Nelson Bay Nelson Bay is ideal for those who want to explore natural wonders and tourist attractions found in Port Stephens, Hawkes Nest and Raymond Terrace located nearby. There are a lot of Nelson Bay accommodation packages on offer when depending on your preference and budget. When you plan to visit Nelson Bay this holiday season, be sure to try out these activities so you can make the most of your holiday.
  • Stockton Beach Sand Dunes. This 30km stretch of sandhills has been the location for film groups whenever the script calls for a ‘desert shoot’. A portion of the dunes, which are continually changing, can be up to 30 meters high. You can find ‘Tin City’ an improvised accumulation of squatter fishermen’s tin homes, and the disaster area of the Sygna. If you want to use your $WD to explore the area, you need to buy a permit or take a guided tour with an experienced safari tour administrator.
  • Cycling around Port Stephens and Nelson Bay. You can take advantage of bikes for rent in the area so you can appreciate the broad network of cycle tracks all around Port Stephens. Some of these tracks are through nature reserves and close to shorelines. Tea Gardens is additionally perfect for cycling since it is flat and you can even take your bicycle across on a ferry.
  • Dolphin Watching. Never miss the sight of dolphins in the wild when you visit Nelson Bay. You can have the chance to see them in their natural habitat. Dolphins love to show off their skills and as most boat tours last for at least an hour or two, you can definitely have your fill of watching these creatures play in the water. To make the most of your getaway, be sure to book affordable accommodation Nelson Bay has to offer so you can enjoy the dolphins anytime.
  • Gan Gan Lookout. You don’t have to be in the hiking mood to enjoy climbing up the Gan Gan Lookout. If you are fond of taking Instagram worthy shots to show off to your friends and family back home, then you should not miss the Gan Gan Lookout. Since it’s at the highest point in Nelson Bay, you can definitely have a great view of the seaside, all the way to Newcastle.
  • Nelson Head Inner Lighthouse. Your best Nelson Bay accommodation and tours will not be complete if you will not reach the Nelson Head Inner Lighthouse. This beacon was raised on Nelson Head in 1872. It was initially controlled by four lamp kerosene lights. The lamp kerosene lamps were updated to an electric light in 1946 and electronic control in 1984. A trust was built up in 1986 to reestablish the Inner Lighthouse and cottage, and it has become a major tourist attraction since then. You can enjoy a panoramic view from the lighthouse so make sure to have your cameras ready.
The above are just a few things you can do when you want to try Nelson Bay accommodation and tour packages. If you want to have the best deals, make sure to book in advance and plan your itinerary so you will have a stress-free holiday. You can find affordable accommodation in Nelson bay online or visit

Planning to Have a Memorable Holiday Getaway in Blueys Beach? Check This Out

Pacific Palms has all the laid-back appeal and natural qualifications of Byron Bay 30 years prior. That could probably be the reason why it is a top holiday destination for Sydneysiders, Novocastrians, Victorians and other tourists. The area has been prominent with surfers attracted to shorelines like Boomerang, with its rolling swell, Blueys, named after a cow that tumbled off cliffs at its southern end, and uninhabited Cellito, a couple of kilometres down a dirt track. If you plan to stay longer, you can also find decent Blueys Beach holiday accommodation options for you and your family. Click here : Blueys Retreat blueys beach holiday accommodation A blessed few purchased beachfront land or shacks behind Blueys and Boomerang 30 years back and sold them for millions in the noughties. Only affluent Sydneysiders were fortunate to enjoy the great view and transformed their acquired properties into holiday investment properties. Some even turned those properties into lavish Blueys Beach holiday accommodation that you can rent out so you can also experience luxury living right in the waterfront. Blueys Beach: A Great Escape Normally a surfing town, Pacific Palms is additionally a pleasant spot if you want to escape the daily grind. The area itself involves Blueys Beach as well as neighbouring Boomerang, Elizabeth and Shelly beaches in addition to two lakes – Wallis Lake and Smith Lake. If you enjoy lounging on the shore or surf the high tides, Blueys Beach is a perfect spot for you. You can enjoy a wide range of holiday accommodation Blueys Beach offers with some super stunning holiday homes right on the beach. When you plan to book a blueys beach holiday accommodation package, make sure to select one with a view to make the most of your stay. Must-Try Tourists Attractions Do not despair if you have no skills or interest in surfing. There are other tourist attractions and activities you can try when you visit the Pacific Palms this holiday. Below are some must-try activities so your stay in Pacific Palms will really be worth it.
  • Camping. If you prefer camping on your trailer or minivan, you can stay at one of the many caravan parks on the coast of Pacific Palms. Having this type of laidback holiday accommodation in blueys beach will allow you to be close to nature uninterrupted. Enjoy campfire creative activities with your friends or family or simply enjoy the convergence of land, sea and sky right in front of your eyes.
  • Hiking. There are a lot of hiking tracks you can choose from depending on your skill level. If it’s your first time to visit Pacific Palms, you can opt for beginners walking tracks to explore the natural wonders of Pacific Palms. You can even explore the Wallingat National Park or climb up the stairs of Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse and take in the great view from the top.
  • Swimming. Salt water does wonders to your body but a dip in the lake is also a great reprieve from the heat. Never leave Pacific Palms without swimming in their fresh and salt water so you can experience the best of both worlds.
  • Kayaking, Stand-Up Paddleboarding and Fishing. Not only will you enjoy a refreshing dip in the lake, you can also explore the waterways in a kayak. You can even try stand-up paddleboarding and if you have kids with you, it’s a great way to teach them how to fish for your next meal.
The above are just some must-try activities that you can experience when you visit Pacific Palms, particularly Blueys Beach. If you want to find the Best blueys beach holiday accommodation, you can book from the many holiday homes in the area or visit for more details.

What Makes Noosa Holiday Homes So Ideal For Families?

A trip to Noosa is a great way to treat your family. But when it comes to family vacations, accommodation is a really big decision. Accommodation will not only consume a large portion of your budget but also influence the overall experience significantly. The internet is a great place to find Noosa accommodation options and deals. But when planning a family vacation you’ll have to go an extra mile to find an accommodation that is family friendly. There are basically three options for you – Noosaville resorts, hotels or holiday homes. Finding one of the good holiday homes Noosa has to offer is a lot better than the other options for several reasons. Here are five of them.

Plenty of Space for Everyone

While some people argue that a lot of room is not that essential when taking a vacation, it is absolutely important when taking a family vacation. Kids need sufficient space to play while adults need their private space – this is exactly what a holiday home offers. The holiday homes Noosa has today are available in different sizes – 2, 3, 4, 5 bedrooms. Your choice will depend on the size of your family. This means that everyone can be accommodated in the same unit and still have their personal space. Check RW Noosa Holidays for more details.

Saves You Some Bucks

Holiday homes are typically less expensive than resorts and hotels. This is especially true for long family vacations. First, you don’t have to book separate units for family members since the home is sufficient for everyone. The fully equipped kitchen and laundry room will allow you to cut down the costs of outsourcing the services. If you are traveling with members of the extended family, you can split the accommodation costs.

More Authentic Accommodation

Most resorts and hotels have a generic feel. You’ll be encountering crowds of people on the hallways and needless to say, sharing nearly everything with them – including the lounge. Holiday homes are designed to give you a homely experience. In fact, a holiday will have everything that you find in a typical home. They have full kitchens, laundry facilities and entertainment systems to make you more comfortable just like your own home. The holiday homes Noosa has to offer can be simple or as extravagant as you like. Some have swimming pools, PlayStations and cable TV that you enjoy at no extra cost.

Enjoy Your Privacy

Let’s face it, hotels lack privacy. No matter where you go, you’ll always find people. Vacations are not only meant to be fun but also quiet and relaxing. You will, by no means, get peace and serenity in a hotel. Holiday homes are mostly located in residential areas away from the noisy and crowded towns. You can enjoy total privacy and the peace you deserve with your family. Check RW Noosa Holidays for more details.

You Can Cook Your Own Food

Not only is food from restaurants expensive, but it might not be hygienically fit especially for the little ones. Your Noosa holidaying home will give you the benefit of cooking your own food. They have totally fitted kitchens with all the dishes and equipment you need including a refrigerator, a microwave and a dishwasher. It will enable you to cook good quality food, and of course, save you money.

Discipline Aspects That Trainees in Medical Internships Should Uphold

Holding a title of a “doctor” is an enticing thing. In fact, the medical profession is among the highly desired careers in the modern world. What people need to know is that the path towards being a doctor has never been a walk in the park. The medical trainee must be ready to study a lot and engage serious practical sessions. With this in mind, a medical professional in training should take advantage of every holiday they have and go for medical internships for instance in Bali hospitals. Being an effective medical intern calls for a high level of discipline. Here are some discipline aspects, which successful medical interns uphold:

medical internships

Being at work on time

The fact that you are not being paid for the medical services you offer as an intern doesn’t mean you shouldn’t abide by the set rules and regulations in that particular hospital. In the medical field, any indiscipline action could taint or even terminate your internship. Medical interns who observe time don’t strain serving patients or relating with the senior medical professionals during their internship program. In most medical internships, how the interns behave during their internship program determines the quality of the recommendation they would get.

Knowing that perception is everything

The way you perceive things determine the way you act. Some people have missed their greatest opportunities because of poor perception of things. The way the patients and medical professionals in that hospital see you matters a lot to you. Good reputation and image are what you should look forward to achieving by the end of your internship program as a volunteer in Bali. If you taint your image as a medical intern, it would be hard to be trusted in other higher medical responsibilities.

Identifying your weaknesses and strengths

Any disciplined medical intern or visionary volunteer knows the areas they are weak in and areas of their strength. A good medical intern works hard to improve their weaknesses and perfect their strengths. If you are not good in asking questions while in a practical session, you should be confident to ask any qualified and registered doctor a question on any medical area. Medical interns with a problem understanding some medical terminologies make up their mind to know and understand as many medical terminologies as possible during medical internships.

Being optimistic always

Some medical experiences in a hospital could be the worst you ever experienced. It really disheartens to see the health of a patient you have been monitoring deteriorating. Moreover, you may not know where to begin once you receive a patient in an extremely bad condition. Although a professional doctor could be beside you to treat the patient, you would be expected to perform some tasks that demand unusual courage and confidence. Sometimes you may mess due to fear, but you should not be pessimistic with your medical career. If the interns who have been in Bali volunteer programs lost optimism, they would not have succeeded in their medical career. Find out more at

Once you are psychologically prepared for something, you get well along with it. Medical interns need to know that discipline is a principle that most hospitals don’t compromise. With these discipline aspects, it is possible for any medical volunteer Bali has today to successfully complete their internship program. See more at Involvement Volunteers International.